We are not only trainers, speakers and coaches we are also businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

In addition to our collective effort inside Mark Hoover Training, we all have other businesses or ventures we own or manage. It puts us in the same playing field as our customers. We don’t speak so much from book learning, but from street smarts. Obviously not every lesson learned was the easy way! But, that allows us to save you some expensive grief.


Mark Hoover
Trainer, Speaker and Coach
I had my first business when I was 15. I got used to getting checks in the mail at an early age! I’ve started and developed several businesses in many fields. I was CEO for 10 years of a very large graphics company. That company was nationally recognized and  did business on an international level. Business is just something I love being part of!

John Keathley
Coach & Trainer
I know the positive power of business. For over 10 years I was a director in an innovative nonprofit named among “100 Brilliant Companies” by Entrepreneur Magazine. My MBA education gives clients the advantage of big business tools and principles translated for small enterprise. My thrill is seeing our clients achieve their dreams!

Dorothy Morgan
Sales & Marketing Manager
Creating a vision and executing it are a deep passion of mine. I love building an environment that allows both classical marketing concepts and modern technology to impact a company’s growth and exposure. What excites me is the opportunity to share and assist our clients so that they can have the business they’ve always wanted.