Interview with Brandy Mychals

by Mark Hoover on February 7, 2012 in High Performance,Inspired Action,Interviews,Marketing,Vision

In this show and live interview with Brandy Mychals, author and creator of the Character Code System, we explore some amazing attributes of a committed entrepreneur. There is a fabulous story in here (more than one actually) and also a tremendous adventure of business creation and development.

The context for these interviews is to talk with successful entrepreneurs who may or may not be well known, maybe even hidden under the radar completely.  These people would tend to be very approachable and what they have to share very accessible for all of us in the world of business.

Brandy exhibits resilience, determination and characteristics of what she calls a “multi-generational entrepreneur.”  She was raised in a legacy of entrepreneurs and refers to herself as a 4th generation entrepreneur. Her and her mom have worked on projects together. She has a mindset that was created in that environment but she doesn’t take it for granted.

There are some huge nuggets in this interview, a lot of them. Her are some highlights:

– How she hated sales but has become the embodiment of solving that and creating a magnetic style of sales, which we all want.

– You are always branding yourself, especially if your name is the name of your company.  Branding yourself is a 24/7 endeavor.

– And, this is so aligned with our work- a powerful WHY has her operate outside her comfort zone in building her business.

Brandy is also a study on how to build your business rapidly.  She speaks of having a broad vision and detailed plans that you execute.  She definitely exemplifies that work.

Don’t just enjoy the interview, but look for those powerful nuggets for yourself that you can implement in your development and bring to your business.


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Nettie Spiwack February 8, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Thanks Mark for the best interview of Brandy I’ve seen. Your questions were great and it’s rare for me to watch a long video…so that was good!


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