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July 2014 Members Mastermind Tribe Call Recap

by Mark Hoover on August 15, 2014 in Customer Focus,Inspired Action,Marketing,Mastermind Tribe

In July our monthly members tribe call featured the importance of customer touch points and the impact on marketing. Better customer experiences lead to better results for both customer and company throughout the customer’s journeys, which results in improved sales and greater customer loyalty and advocacy.


Touch point: all of the communication, human and digital your customers experience during their relationship lifecycle with your business.

Traditional Marketing: Primary goal is to cause the phone to ring

Experiential Marketing: Engaging customers through all their senses to experience your brand and become raving fans.

What are some common Customer Touch Points:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Articles/Publications
  • Emails
  • Branded Apparel
  • Voicemail Greeting (inbound)
  • Thank You Cards
  • Phone Greeting (live)
  • Logos
  • Photos
  • Business Cards
  • Signs (buildings/vehicles)
  • Your communications (letters, proposals, invoices, follow-up instructions)
  • Office environment

and more…

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Tribe Discussion Takeaways

Raising the caliber of your business touch points not only will make positive impact on your customers and employees, but will elevate how you feel about yourself and for your business.

Phone Messages – consider having someone else leave phone messages. Perhaps a male or female based on who your ideal client gender. If someone other than you answers the phone, it changes the tone by creating a presumed breadth to your business.

Tribe Testimonial

“The Tribe Call the other day kind of slaps me upside the head about really being more social in my business. We have to take the time to say hello more often.”  —Mike Peterson

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