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Market to both Small Businesses and Consumers?

by Mark Hoover on January 16, 2015 in 50 Top Business Questions,Customer Focus,Planning

Why can’t I market to both consumers and business, more is better right?

This is a great question. We love to distinguish early in our trainings that sales and marketing to consumers and businesses can be very different. By pointing to this we can save small business owners a lot of grief.

First of all, most small businesses have limited resources for sales and marketing; again, by resources we are referring to your time and money. So we’re also talking about saving money.

We’ve observed that most small businesses that try to market through too many channels suffer poor results in all their channels. The more specific or targeted your marketing is the greater the result.

Look, each small business has an ideal client and drilling down to that starts by establishing what we call your mega-market. Is your ideal client business or consumer? Go with one or the other.

Ideal Client: Business? Consumer?

If you insist you need to exploit both then establish one sales and marketing channel and get it producing results and then go to the other. Do this sequentially rather than simultaneously, unless that is, you’ve got abundant resources and a great plan!

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