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Member Spotlight: Rick Loek

by John Keathley on May 6, 2013 in Customer Focus,High Performance,Interviews

This month we catch up with Rick Loek, a two-year member of Mark Hoover Training’s “6-Figure Ignition” program. Rick is CEO of CalRima Financial & Insurance Agency in San Jose, CA. The ups and downs of business and markets are not unfamiliar to Rick. He has first-hand experience of the turmoil that market changes can create in people’s lives. In building a successful business, Rick found two things to be essential – a deep commitment to one’s values, and surrounding oneself with experts.

How did you get started as a Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager?
I call myself a “recovering” software engineer. I programmed computers for many years and through the implosion as jobs were being shipped off shore. In 2003 I started looking at what skills I could develop to avoid such volatility, and I saw that sales skills are transferable anywhere in the world. Then I met Mary [Lee] who became my wife and eventually my business partner.

Mary was already a life and health insurance sales professional and was part of a multi-level marketing group. She inspired me to earn my insurance license as well. On the day I passed the license exam, I met a man who was also in the insurance industry and had just earned $100,000 with one piece of business. I was intrigued, and asked if he would teach me the business. He agreed and became my mentor.

Next I earned my securities license to qualify as a financial advisor. I’m a sponge for knowledge! In that industry I’ve been trained by Ed Slott, whom The Wall Street Journal regularly brings in to answer questions about 401Ks, IRAs and pensions. The Journal says that he is the nation’s best source for information on those topics.

What is it about your business that excites and motivates you on a daily basis?
The exciting thing is being able to make a valuable difference for people. Often new clients come to me having never worked with an advisor before, or having worked with someone who didn’t have their best interests in mind. Sadly that happens much too often. I fix the problems other advisors caused or allowed to occur for the client. In software development I created software to solve real world problems. Now I use the latest financial technology to help solve people’s financial and retirement problems.

How do your clients work with you?
I meet with clients to analyze their current situation. I reveal the issues that have been in their blinds spots, and propose solutions to these problems. Of course they have the choice to continue the current situation, work with us to resolve it, or take our findings back to their current advisor. It can be quite an eye opening experience for people. Clients meet with us in our offices in Campbell, just outside of San Jose, CA.

What has been the greatest challenge to your business that Mark Hoover Training has helped resolve?
Mark, his team and his training material have been fabulous from a marketing and business structure perspective. Mark’s program inspires Mary and me daily in our business. Since I’m a recovering software engineer, I didn’t come into this as a business management profession. Mark Hoover Training fills in the gaps for me on running a business, setting goals, and putting together a marketing plan, just to name a few.

When you think back to the “2-Day Ignite Your Business Intensive”, what one exercise stood out as highly effective?
The thing that’s really amazing about the weekend is how you’re walked through a process, – a guided conversation – and the grand conclusion is Sunday afternoon when you end up with a one-page executive business summary that is focused on action – exactly what you can take on to have your business thrive. It’s unique. I’ve discussed the process with other people and coaches, and they are very clear that Mark has put together something distinct from anything they’ve seen elsewhere.

What’s one insight you have gained from your membership with Mark Hoover Training? How have you acted on it, and what have been the results?
Having a business trainer is one of the best moves I’ve made for my business. The insight would be that having someone like Mark really does make a difference versus having to be alone and winging it. With Mark it’s not just managing numbers and action steps, it’s also support for me managing who and how I interact with people in those business relationships that are most important to me. Being able to have candid conversations with Mark about what’s vital and the barriers to success in those areas is unique.

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