6-Figure Ignition Pack Annual Membership

The Six-Figure Ignition Pack membership was designed to give you a full stable of programs combined with private training sessions that focus primarily on expanding your revenue while preparing your business for the new growth. Also, rather than always looking for new things to do and create, we also look for what to take out. What are you wasting time on? How are you focused on things to do rather than keeping your vision in front of you?

The Ignite 6-Figure membership provides development in 4 key areas of business. Expand and develop the Sales & Marketing; Operations including people; Finance and Administration; and Systems.

At the heart of our year together is an organic training structure that frankly is designed to create and solve a sequence of problems. But these are problems that you want to have, like too many clients, abundant cash flow and the need for more help.

Most of our clients find they need to hire more help working inside this program. Being the source of new jobs is not a bad problem.

You’ll be trained and developed in systems and actions that produce business results. Winning will become part of your business character.

“In just over three months since starting my annual membership I’ve quadrupled my sales and I’m winning at the game of business in whole new ways.”
Jim Fowler – Singer/Songwriter and Music Teacher

The 6-Figure Annual Membership includes:

  • 2 one-on-one private training sessions with your trainer every month
  • Short, targeted laser sessions between your 1-on-1′s
  • A monthly Mastermind Call with the whole tribe, including special guests who bring potent content
  • Monthly live Q & A Call with the trainers
  • Use of our two business support tools, The Interactive Dashboard and Marketing Navigator
  • Training in publicity for your company
  • A comprehensive brand development program
  • Review our programs at no cost
  • And more, of course

The Six-Figure Ignition Pack membership is perfect for:

  • People who have been in business for some period of time and can’t seem to break into a sustainable level of success.
  • New business people just starting out.
  • Business people who are established but not experiencing thriving.
  • Entrepreneurs tired of wasting time and money on what doesn’t work in developing their business.
 If you’re interested in the 6-Figure Ignition Pack Annual Membership, please contact us at Client Care or call (831)661-5311.
“Thank you for doing this work and helping us fall in love with business – the art of business. You have a gift in teaching us that it is an art.”
Polly D. – Architecture and Design

The CEO Rope Partner Annual Membership

Imagine having a climbing buddy as you start expanding your reach and prowess in business. As you climb to new heights knowing someone capable has got your back. This annual membership provides just that.

The number one reason people become entrepreneurs or businesspeople is autonomy*. This is so for several generations, whether you’re male or female. The ability to call the shots, create and develop a business that provides independence is number one.

However, this comes with a degree of aloneness that for many surfaces at inopportune times. Suddenly you are the “CEO”, yet it’s possible you didn’t have the training or background to prepare you for that role and everything that comes with it.

Most people in this position don’t go and hire someone to be their boss, you might as well get a job.

Well, what would it be like to have a CEO that was in the background, your alter-ego so to speak? You get full autonomy yet have the phantom CEO that is only out to have you win.

The CEO Rope Partner Annual Membership gives you just that.

  • All of the benefits and bonuses of the Six-Figure Ignition Pack membership are included at this level
  • Three 2-Day Intensives focused on the 4 key business areas: always centered around Sales & Marketing; and also Operations including people; Finance and Administration; and Systems
  • An irreplaceable rich mastermind advisory forum creating 360-degree prowess in an intimate and magical environment.
  • A library of resources generated from the trainers and all the weekends
  • And more, of course
CEO Member Mark L., owner of a well-established manufacturing business, in his first full quarter after his membership began experienced a 21% increase in sales and 61% more profit; and the following quarter is well exceeding that.
You may not think you’re a CEO, but guess what . . . 

This program is limited to a small number of participants. To apply or get any questions you may have addressed please contact Client Care or call us at (831)661-5311.

* Inc Magazine, March 2012