The Marketing Navigator

Have you found yourself perplexed by what tactics to employ in your marketing? Which of the hundreds are appropriate for your goals and budget? Ever find yourself copycatting other business marketing?

With the Marketing Navigator you will be guided through a series of questions to profile your business and produce a prioritized list of tactics suited for your business.

And that’s just the beginning. Each tactic comes with a full description, features, benefits, how to maximize your return, the environmental impact of using this style of marketing and then recommended providers if you want assistance engaging it.

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The Interactive Dashboard

Though productivity dashboards are fairly common, no dashboard exists in the world like this one.  Not only does it have a focused set of metrics it reports, it also displays key conversion rates which are critical to measuring effectiveness.

That’s just the beginning. The Interactive Dashboard integrates your vision by scrolling through your vision board, keeping why you do what you do in front of you while you monitor your results.

To complete the package, the dashboard notifies you when you have not updated your metrics or congratulates you when you have hit your target. It triggers text or emails, or even a call from your coach. A true accountability partner.

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