Ready to IGNITE your business?

The IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS 2-Day Intensive gets you clear, focused and simplifies the game of business.

This event came about under the premise you love what you do and you’re good at, but don’t necessarily like all the stuff of business or even got trained at it.

We happen to like all the business stuff, but we know we’re kind of weird that way. You get the benefit of that.

Together, we take the business aspect of business and make it simple, understandable and fun. The 2-Day is a true workshop environment where you walk away with a lot of things done, created, finished. You don’t walk away with a big list of things to do.

As a businessperson or entrepreneur you will come away from the 2-Day with a clarity and simplicity you probably didn’t know was possible.

The Ignite 2-Day is for you if even one of these are missing for you and your business:

  • An inspiring crystal clear vision for your business and your life
  • Deal powerfully with what’s in the way of fulfilling your vision
  • Have a laser focus on a small set of actions to drive your business
  • Amazing capacity to manage yourself and others results
  • An effective, simple plan to market your company
  • Have a specific set of marketing tactics designed just for your company
  • A super-simple business plan, all on one page
  • Develop a huge brand presence regardless of your company size

Chances are you don’t have an MBA or trained as a CEO. But that’s what you’ll get at the 2-Day. We’ve leveraged those trainings and experiences for you so can have what matters begin to get distilled down for you.

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NEW! We have a limited number of Scholarships for the 2-Day Intensive available

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