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Small Business Goal Setting Blind Spots?

by Mark Hoover on January 15, 2015 in High Performance,Inspired Action,Planning,Vision

Q. This is the time of year where I always set small business goals, and I don’t make resolutions so I’m with you on that, but what do you think is the biggest blind spot for a small business when they set their annual goals?

A. OK, I don’t think there is a biggest blind spot, I think there’s a bundle of blind spots!

I’m going to throw out a couple and see what sticks.

This is a great conversation for all of us right now.

Okay first one – when setting business goals I would say one of the biggest blind spots is thinking that lot’s of goals make a difference.

Thinking that lot’s of goals make a difference is a blind spot- it’s trap. It’s wishful thinking.

Being very, very clear with somewhere between one and three, and depending on your staff perhaps more, but really drilling down to a narrow band of goals has you focused on gives them more power.

The next one is being too optimistic or being too skeptical. If you look at the way you typically approach your goals, do you meet them? If you consistently meet your goals then I would say your goals are not a stretch for you.

But if your small business never meet your goals I’d say that there are other things at play, which is another bundle of blind spots that our programs address.

Another blind spot is having an annual goal or a long-term goal but not including benchmarks that are practical so you can see how you’re doing, how you’re progressing, and then actually checking in with your status and making corrections.

Then the next one is to ask yourself an important question: am I willing to do what it takes to fulfill on this goal?


Or am I just making a goal because it’s a good idea or feels good? Yeah, I’d like that to happen.

But, am I willing to do what it takes to fulfill on these set goals?

The next biggest blind spot is to be real about all the action – all the tactics and actions – that are needed to fulfill on that goal.

And schedule them. All of them.

That will get you real real in a real hurry.

There are more to consider when setting business goals, but that pretty much covers the big ones.

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