Mark Hoover has been in business for over 35 years and has 25 years of experience training and developing hundreds of small business owners in the art of being in business. Mark leads 2 and 3-Day Intensive workshops and Annual Training Memberships that empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to master the craft of business, regardless of their background. He provides tools and techniques small business owners need to have their business thrive, not just survive. Mr. Hoover started and owns several small businesses, after years as CEO of an international multi-million dollar graphic arts company. From this broad perspective and extensive experience, he offers real world and down to earth practices that work. Mark lives in the world of what businesses really deal with, and demonstrates his own training with his own businesses.


Show Your Business Who’s BOSS
When it comes to building and expanding a business, few people can take what
seems very complicated and make it simple and effective. Mark Hoover demystifies
In this fun and empowering workshop:

  • Discover the 5 Most Painful Mistakes Small Businesses and entrepreneurs Make, and get take-a-ways you can implement now.
  • Learn the 6 Questions You Absolutely Must Be Asking About Your Business and what to do with the answers to give your organization a boost.
  • Walk away with a 2-Step Practical Formula for Success to build and expand your business immediately.

Mark Hoover demonstrates how your business can not only be successful,
it can be fun!

Three Ancient Wisdoms
Business is increasingly driven by technology and focused on results, you develop
many of your business relationships through “friending”, “following” and “liking”, and
there is an absolutely frightening absence of connection.

  • Go on a journey back in time and reveal the Three Ancient Wisdoms, venerable practices for a modern business.
  • Restore balance and connectedness in business that honor human values and creates affinity in and around your business.
  • Create a new context, a new paradigm, for relating to and empowering your business.

Planning an Event

If you’re planning a live event for small business owners or entrepreneurs you
will want Mark’s passion, humor and flat out love for business to energize
your audience. Leave them impassioned and inspired!

For booking inquiries, please contact Dorothy Morgan
dorothy@markhoovertraining.com or call (800) 945-4603