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Use Video Marketing to Develop More Business

by Mark Hoover on August 13, 2014 in Marketing,Small Business Development

It’s a common belief that we are not influenced by online videos; perhaps even thinking that we don’t spend a lot of time watching them. In reality watching online videos is becoming a greater portion of our lives; both in business and in our personal lives. It just sort of happens – an article you’re reading takes you to YouTube, a friend posts a video on Facebook, a coworker shares a webinar presentation…and so on. Well, it is time to leverage these experiences.

The growth in people’s consumption of online video is a sure sign your business should get involved in video marketing. And it doesn’t have to be a huge Hollywood production with a professional crew and expensive equipment. You can start small by doing your own interviews with your customers, demonstrating your product, or even showcasing the life of your employees.

Video is a great tool to attract new visitors, connect and engage with your leads, and show appreciation to your loyal customers. However, business owners tend to believe that creating video marketing is a whole different universe. The notion that to make a video can’t happen within a businesses current budget is simply exaggerated. The common excuse is, “we’re trying to juggle a ton of other marketing activities, so videos seems like a luxury we can’t afford.”

But video doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. If done right, a video can be made quickly and easily – all while supercharging engagement with your business and click-through rates. Plus, video is easy to digest and it lets you inject unique personality into your message. When it’s genuine, video can make people smile and laugh, and this makes them more likely to share your message with their friends.

Here are five quick actions items that will help you get your very first video out the door. Who knows … this time next week, you could have your very first video up!


1) Who? Determine who will be your audience.

Start by story boarding your message. Who is your business trying to market to: Leads, Customers, or New Visitors? Knowing whom you are creating the videos for is crucial to your success down the road.

2) What? Establish your goal.

What is the call to action for these viewers? Define what your goal is and create the message to funnel towards that goal. In the story board process, knowing the Who and the What can define not only your message content, but also your video concept – set/location, your wardrobe, and digital effects. In creating your message, it’s okay to repurpose content you already have from a previous post, email, presentation, or from your website. The idea is to take the content and make it “conversational”. Create a script for your video in your natural voice and way of speaking.

3) When? Scene 1, Take 1!

First, before you start the video production – rehearse it! Consider using a webcam, video phone, or video camera to practice your script. Pay close attention to body language, tone, speech inflections, and speed. Get comfortable in your own skin. Then proceed to the live taping.

4) Where? Location is everything.

Know your location. Is there background noise? What are the chances of distractions or interruptions? By practicing on your own first, you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes before your first take. How do you want your set to look?

5) How? Now you have a video – what now.

Test! Test! Test! Release your video through different channels of distribution. Make sure you have a way to track responses.

Remember – it doesn’t need a Hollywood background to be authentic. Just be yourself, impart the passion that you have for your business into the screen. And realistically, you could achieve these five action items in a couple days, so long as you remember not to sweat the details. Just get your first video out into the world through Youtube or Vimeo – and see where it takes you. You’ll be a video pro in no time.

I smell Emmy in your future. So be extraordinary!

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